Backup dating

At the same time, you want to keep being friendly with other women …

The idea is that every so often you have to “warm up” the back burner … If she is a good friend, then you can take her to lunch or happy hour periodically – and drop a complement here and there (but don’t be cheesy). Often what happens is that these women who you warm up over time become fairly overtly friendly – and when a front burner transition needs to made, it can be surprisingly easy. Women who you are interested in dating in the future are on the back burner.

because doing so overly exposes you to relationship risk … And let’s face it – when you are freshly divorced … what you typically want is a fairly steady diet of love, attention, and especially sex. The back burner women are not women you are sleeping with …

you never want to put all your eggs or energy in one basket entirely … the one or ones that you will figuratively keep on the .

Celine’s tour was rolling through town, and we’re told they simply share common interests, but are only close pals.

relationship with someone, you essentially keep them around “just in case.” Just in case your current relationship fails.

Just in case the person you are romantically pursuing turns out to be a person who you don’t actually want to be involved with.

And you’ll know which of the back burner women to pick – she’ll be the one most interested in you.

Or possibly she’ll be the one with the biggest boobs.

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