Dating for dumbasses

I know a couple that have been dating online for almost seven months, now.

To the people that say internet love doesn't exist, they're WRONG.

Another couple ways to be effectively smarter without brain drugs - Read about smart people to see if they have strategies you can emulate.

In particular, Wyatt rooted for Penny and Leonard as he was fed up of her dating "the skateboard idiots, the white rappers and all those sweaty dumb-asses with their backwards hats." Wyatt told Leonard he wanted "grand kids before I die, and I want them to grow up in a house without wheels." In The Maternal Capacitance, when Beverly Hofstadter met Penny in the hallway of the apartment, Beverly started psychoanalyzing Penny and got her to discuss her childhood.Love is love, no matter how far apart you two may live. By Katherine Hahn for Gal Ever wondered why the cutie architect from Match never answered your message? One thing is clear, though: If you are a crappy speller or even a worse grammar-er, it is time to up your game if you want to catch -- and keep -- your online crush.Do the whole "healthy mind in a healthy body" thing - eat reasonably well and engage in physical activity.Being 17 is lucky - you're young enough to take full advantage of the coming biotech revolution, which will bring us stuff that really will make us smarter, instead of the iffy, half-assed nutritional supplements we have now.

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