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You'll see that you won't be needing the same gear for wild camping and staying at a campsite, and it's best to find out before packing and setting out for the open air.Our location at the foot of the Mont Blanc, puts us in close proximity to the Mountains and our users.Pastor Guapi squeezed the car into a jammed dirt courtyard before a crowd of Quechua people.Towering above one side of the courtyard was a steep, few-hundred-feet-tall hill with lean-to homes precariously scattered about.Still extremely comprehensible to the proficient Spanish speaker, Peruvian Spanish differs most obviously in its pronunciation of the letters “c” and “z” and use of alternative vocabulary.Whereas Iberian Spanish pronounces “c” and “z” with a “th” sound, Peruvians simply pronounce it with the English “s” sound.Depending on the variations or the dialect of Quechua, these vowels may or may not experience different duration, but this fact does not change the number of available vowel phonemes.

Collarless, mangy dogs scoured the streets for a morsel of food. We then pulled in between two rows of stone buildings leaning this way and that like the Tower of Pisa.

Less than a few months ago, the people of Mushuj Causai (Quechua for “New Life”) Church had finished their first church building.

From the design to the foundation to the finishing touches, the church did it all.

Entering the country in 1533 when the first Spanish conquistador, Francisco Pizarro, arrived on Peruvian soil, the Spanish language is now the principal language of the nation’s government, media communication and education system.

However, although the Spanish language initially brought to these Latin American shores would have been Iberian Spanish, the Spanish spoken by modern-day Peruvians has undergone some minor alterations since it was first imposed upon their ancestors almost five centuries ago.

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