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Membership Procedure: Affiliate Membership: Members of a local church, residing elsewhere for an extended period, may upon application be enrolled as "Affiliated Members" of the AME Church.Such membership will entitle them to the priviledges of that church; its pastoral oversight, participation in all active services, and the right to hold office.Serving as a member of a church is a matter of great peace and satisfaction for millions of followers all over the world.As a member of a church, you get to understand people and their religion in a much more comprehensive manner.That’s why it’s fundamentally important to have open lines of communication with your church members.

We generally write a resume through which we try to highlight our capabilities to the employer.

The NDO class is offered in five sessions for those who have just joined TBC or are interested in joining. If your work/school schedule prevents you from attending the five weekly (evening) quarter sessions, then this class is for you! All candidates for baptism must complete NMO in order to be baptized. So my husband and I were discussing how happy we are to be a part of the Tabernacle Baptist Church family.

Program Completion Upon completion of the required classes, you will receive your Certificate of Completion and will be honored during our Graduation Ceremony as we extend the right hand of fellowship. We discovered this is the first church we as individuals have ever officially been members of and although we were baptized as children we will be getting baptized again on Thursday.

And it continues for as long as your members receive your weekly, monthly, quarterly, or annual newsletter.

How you communicate with your church members is vital for building and maintaining relationships. Letter of resignation Visiting a strange church for the first time can be awkward, maybe even a little intimidating for some.

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