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I will be following West Field MX5's guide to making a PNP MS3.Ordered a few new tips for my soldering iron as well, and will begin assembling that this weekend.Hi, everyone since i am new to this site i though i could write a helpfull guide on how to start with encoding, easy / advanced. i recommend this GUIs: - DVDFAB (find cracked Version on warez sites, needed for retail bluray discs and good for to bdmv folder - should be easy to find on google) - Hybrid (various video / audio encoders, incl.I will make it as short as possible, if anything is unclear feel free to ask here or me. /5-10bit, FLAC, AAC, Subtitles and chapters etc., it combines nearly everything you need and more) - MKVTool Nix (for Remuxing , adding Audio, Video, Subs, Chapters or whatever to an container file) - Audio Muxer (for DTS--MA Tracks to Wav/Flac with Arcsoft Decoder - see below for more explaination) - foobar2000 (great for audio encoding) - foobar2000 free encoder pack - suprip / subtitle edit (if you plan to convert PGS / .So it’s very easy to be geared up completely in no time at all. You could roll an alt, but that has nothing to do with progressing your main character.Until we know more about the Legacy system (which is designed to incentivize rolling alts) we can’t say what else that will bring.

Additionally AMT offers you a huge number of possibilities to customize the design and layout of the Screen Caps.

Just as a side note,if you use the cloud drive for a media server limit the amount of people youshare it with, you will be ok with a few friends and family, but huge amountsof traffic and amazon may notice and may disable your account.

Create Screen Caps of – any number of movies, – located anywhere on your computer, – manually or with a time-scheduler, – with a free to choose number of caps, – the ability to ignore already processed files, – a customizable design – and most important, it allows you to do it in Batch Mode! The AMT – Auto-Movie-Thumbnailer is an automation GUI to batch create Screen Caps, Thumbnail Index Pictures, Preview Pictures or Contact Sheets for any given number of movies.

:) Here’s the basic gist of it, so those of you that wish to flame me can get right to it: Adding NPC factions to the game and allowing a progression mechanic for them through reputation would allow Bio Ware to tell stories about more and varied parts and peoples of the Star Wars galaxy.

This would also assure that players with “nothing to do” would always have something to do. One of the louder cries over on the official forums from the people that have already advanced to level cap is that there’s “nothing to do.” There is some truth to this.

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If you write to thesorted folder it will write to local-enc for upload.

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